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Runner 35

budget: $400

type: Music for video


The persistence of memory

budget: $200

type: Music for video


Looking for original music for a project? Post your brief, select your preferences and name your budget.


Follow the process as musicians collaborate to present their proposals for a unique, ad hoc composition for your project.


Listen to the proposals, and select the piece you like the most. The artists involved will then complete your piece.


Buy the original composition, crafted to fit your needs. You own all the rights, and the creators share the profits.

The sound of real music

Why use royalty free music when you can get real musicians and let your project stand out from the rest?

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Follow the creative process

As musicians collaborate on Songtree to create your music, you can monitor how your project is going and interact directly with the creators.

Direct your project by talking directly to the musicians  
Get 100% refunded if you're not satisfied 

Example Projects

name: Runner 35

posted by Daniel P.M.P.

music by: Dodo bird

budget: $400

type:Music for video

Create a soundtrack/jingle for this short video for a Web Campaign.

name: The Persistence of Memory

posted by Martina Gili

music by: Darren J. Karter

budget: $200

type:Music for video

Create a full soundtrack for a short film/documentary about time and memory

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