Artist Badges

Artist Badges

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Songtree automatically assigns badges to artists based on the quantity and quality of the content they create and share with other users.

To earn a badge on Songtree you must first upload, overdub or be overdubbed by other users a sufficient number of times. Depending on how well you do, you can reach higher levels of coolness for a specific badge category.

Here's a quick reference of the badges.

Overdub Badges

Performer Performer Overdub 1 10 overdubs
Top performer Top performer Overdub 2 40 overdubs
Virtuoso Virtuoso Overdub 3 200 overdubs

Overdub badges are gained by overdubbing other users' songs.

After your first 10 overdubs you are awarded the Performer badge. When you reach 40 overdubs you'll reach the Top performer status, and if you're so productive to reach 200 overdubs you'll be awarded with the Virtuoso badge.

New song Badges

Rookie Rookie New song 1 20 new songs
Songwriter Songwriter New song 2 50 new songs
Composer Composer New song 3 320 new songs

New song badges are gained by uploading a song or starting a song-tree by recording the first song.

When you've uploaded or started at least 20 new songs, Songtree will reward you with the Rookie badge. If you're so productive to reach 50 new songs, you'll gain the Songwriter badge, as it seems creativity is no problem for you. If you reach 320 new songs you'll be a Composer.

Overdubs received Badges

Songsmith Songsmith Overdubs received 1 5 Overdubs received
Band leader Band leader Overdubs received 2 30 Overdubs received
Maestro Maestro Overdubs received 3 200 Overdubs received

The better your songs and contributions are, the more others will want to overdub you. This kind of badge is awarded when enough overdubs have been recorded over your songs.

Record something others will love and you'll quickly be gaining a Songsmith badge, as it is awarded as soon as others record at least 5 overdubs over your songs. If you keep on posting quality material and other overdub you at least 30 times, you'll gain a Bandleader badge. If you reach 200 overdubs received you'll be awarded the prestigious Maestro badge, which will mean you are a true rockstar among the Songtree community.

Whether you are a new user or a Songtree veteran, start raising your status by earning your next badge!

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We reserve the right to change how the badges are assigned.