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Songtree overdub contest

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Take part in the very first Songtree overdubbing contest.

The Emmy-nominated musician T.O.N.E-z. is inviting you to record over his new single "Let Go" for a chance to be featured on Songtree web and social pages and win some of the best portable audio interfaces: the CUE 110 and the Spartan A  by  

  the Songs

Ovedub this song or any other in the tree to participate. Explore the song's tree to overdub other branches.

When you find the track you want to overdub, simply hit the

  the Prizes

You can submit your overdub via Songtree to win:

One Audioprobe Spartan CUE 110

Record pristine audio at 192Khz/24bit quality. Achieve the highest audio quality with a portable USB interface, in a heavy duty box with three huge knobs for easy level adjustments.

One Audioprobe Spartan A

With its vast 110dBA dynamic range and precisely designed analogue circuitry, SPARTAN A will bring perfection to your work.

Three n-Track Studio EX licenses

The winners will be featured on Songtree, n-Track and T.O.N.E-z social pages including Facebook & Twitter.

  the Rules

  • Please sign up to Songtree with your e-mail so we can contact you in case you are one of the winners.
  • The contest is open to musicians and producers worldwide. Record over the stems of the new single by Emmy-nominated musician T.O.N.E-z.
  • You can post multiple songs, but each person is only eligible for one prize.
  • You can join the contest simply recording over T.O.N.E-z stems available on the Songtree (iOS or Android) app.
  • People can contribute and play directly on the stems of the artist or on a derivative recording.
  • Make sure to publish your contribution by 12/20/2015 to be considered for the contest.
  • The editorial team and T.O.N.E-z will select the best track. The prizes will go to all of the contributors of the winning track.
  • Winners will be contacted by Songtree within 7 days of the closing date.

You can contribute and collaborate to other people's songs (or create your own song session) with the Songtree app

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  Remix Parts and Submission Method

The original stems are uploaded on Songtree. Your contribution can be directly recorded via the Songtree app or via third party software (read more here).

Completed recordings should be submitted back via Songtree through the Overdub button.

Songtree encourages the collaborative process fostering creative freedom in how people make songs develop. Musicians on Songtree have created interesting trees of song and we are highlighting them every month here.