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the Rules

Get paid for your talent!

Songtree now offers the possibility of submitting paid project requests through the new Custom Music service.

Clients can post their project brief, describing the kind of custom-made music they need, and Songtree musicians can compete and collaborate to create the piece. Once the client is satisfied with the result, the project's budget is shared among the creators.

  the Rules

  • Please make sure your Songtree account is linked to your email, so we can contact you in case you are one of the winners.
  • You can join by simply posting a song to the project page, or by overdubbing a song previously submitted.
  • The project owner will select the song he considers more fit for his requests.
  • Songtree retains 15% of the project's budget. Net revenue is split equally between users who contributed to the song in the branch of the contest tree that gets picked by the project owner.
  • Winners will be contacted by Songtree within 7 days of the closing date. Songs posted after the project's deadline will not be eligible. The project owner has the faculty of not choosing any of the songs submitted if he decides that none matches the requirements.
  • To receive the payment you have to have a Paypal account where the payment can be sent.

You can collaborate or compete with others to win using the Songtree app

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  Remix Parts and Submission Method

The project brief and any additional content is uploaded on Songtree. Your contribution can be directly recorded via the Songtree app or via third party software (read more here).

Complete recordings should be submitted back via Songtree through the Overdub button.